LZ5PN-1, Dashboard of local DMR network, part of HBlink Bulgaria.

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TG# TS 1 TS 2 Description
 TG 9999      X  Echo (Parrot)

This is LZ5PN's private HBlink server.

Pi-Star HotSpots can login to LocalForPeer using login information bellow:

| IP: m0gyu.freeddns.com | PORT: 54050 | PASSPHRASE: password | TG 111 in bridge with TG 11 |

(Max Peers are limited to 10, please do not connect HBlink! Thank you!)

!!! WARNING !!!
!!! This HBlink server is private !!!

Breaks are possible! Changes in settings are possible!

Please, do not ask for support or complain! If you looking for something else or more... Please, use public servers or your own private server! Thank You!

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